What is Brain Training?

Cognitive skill training, or brain training, targets and strengthens weak cognitive skills through mental exercises performed through one on one with your personal brain trainer. Cognitive skills work together like cogs in a machine to move incoming information into our learned knowledge bank. Just one weak cognitive skill can make it difficult for the brain to grasp and retain information, regardless of how many times that information is taught or explained by a teacher, tutor, or parent. 

Cognitive Skills

To be a successful learner, you need two things:

  • Great educational content

  • Strong cognitive skills to process that content

Tutoring vs. Brain Training 

One of the first questions we are asked is how we differ from tutoring. Tutoring is a resource for delivering - or redelivering- academic material for additional understand. Brain training and cognitive enhancement can help improve weak cognitive skills to help enhance learning abilities. Tutoring and brain training are very different solutions for very different problems. 

Brain training is a good choice for those who: 


  • Have received tutoring in subjects and continue to struggle month after month or year after year

  • Struggle with multiple classes in school

  • Dislikes or struggles with reading

  • Struggle with reading comprehension

  • Need to work harder or longer than others to achieve good grades

  • Lacks confidence, says he feels “stupid”

  • Have chronically struggled in school or with tests


Tutoring is a good choice if you can identify outside circumstances that have interfered with the delivery of information to your child:

  • Your child is struggling as a result of absences due to illness or vacation

  • Your child is struggling as a result of moving to a new school, or relocating frequently

  • Your child is struggling in a single class due to poor instruction (inexperienced or absent teacher)

  • Your child shows a special passion or gift, and you want someone knowledgeable in that subject to tutor your child at an advanced level

Six Things Brain Training Can Do

1. Treats the Root Cause: Brain training strengthens the weak cognitive skills responsible for 80% of all reading and learning problems. While tutoring treats symptoms, Natural Learning Solutions finds and fixes the cause. 

2. Applies to Other Areas of Life: Better thinking skills aren’t just about grades. They improve how you drive a car, perform athletically, and handle daily tasks. After brain training, our clients say they think faster, learn easier, pay attention longer and remember better in every area of life. 

3. Costs Less: Brain training is seven times more effective than tutoring, for less than half the price and in less than half the time! In fact, the largest study ever done on reading tutoring revealed that a year’s worth of tutoring results in one to four months gain in reading skills. But NLS delivers 2.9 years of reading gains in just 72 hours of one on one brain training. 

4. Provides Transferable Gains: Brain training improves learning and thinking in every subject and grade from now on. (Compare this to hiring tutors for multiple classes, or paying for tutoring year after year.)

5. Gets Unmatched and Permanent Results: We measure the cognitive skills of every client before training, after training and, when possible, a year later. Our results can be measured scientifically, they are dramatic, and they are permanent. No other program today can match the results we get. 

6. Raises IQ, Which is Linked to Higher Lifetime Income: Our programs raise IQ an average of 15 points in 12 weeks, and 20 points in 24 weeks. And because higher IQ has been linked to college scholarships, job advancement, and higher income for life, dollars spent for brain training can results in impressive financial returns.