The Solution

Cognitive skill training is done one-on-one with fun, intense mental exercises to strengthen those skills. Processing and Cognitive Enhancement (PACE) program achieves maximum results in the shortest period of time, stretches abilities, makes skills automatic, and builds tremendous concentrations. 


PACE was developed by a multi-disciplinary team of professionals to quickly and significantly build those underlying mental skills that are so vital to academic success. It is based on the best scientific research available and is continually modified to incorporate new scientific data. PACE targets and trains those weak cognitive skills that are most likely to have a meaningful impact on a person's learning and work performance. These skills include attention and concentration, memory, processing speed, problem solving, visual processing, phonetic awareness, and comprehension. 

Master the Code

Master the Code (MTC) is a revolutionary 
"sound-to-code" reading program modeled after the process by which spoken language is first learned. Students are averaging over four years of reading skill improvement in less than five months. MTC is designed to integrate with and build upon the PACE cognitive skills enhancement program. Studies suggest that as many as 85% of students testing low on reading proficiency also have weak underlying cognitive skills, in particular, auditory processing skills. 


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