Tami is just terrific! Children are comfortable with her and don't even realize they are being assessed. Her explanation of how my son's brain is working was so very helpful!

"We would strongly recommend Tami and the PACE training program! Our daughter benefited in the following ways: faster math facts, decoding and work through word problems (following written instructions), more confidence in reading and improvement in comprehension.

We went to Tami with the goal of her working with our son, but after conversations, we realized that our daughter was experiencing reading challenges as well. We weren't seeing her struggles as significantly because she works really hard at school for her average grades.

Tami puts her heart, soul, compassion, dedication, and knowledge into this program. We trusted her with her plan and guidance. She treated our daughter like she was her own and gave her so much encouragement and skills that she was lacking. This program is intense, but the rewards show (can vary depending on what you put into it).

Thank you Tami for all of your time, knowledge, encouragement, and, most of all, teaching perseverance!"

"I am so grateful for this program. School has been a battle for my daughter for years and I never understood why. Her initial assessment explained a lot. In the short time of the program, my daughter has improved in so many ways: more confident, learning is easier, attends to things longer than five minutes, and self-advocating and asking for help where she did not before.For the first time in many years, I am excited for her to be in school and see her grow as a student.


Before this program, I used to dread back to school because I knew the fights and the struggles to come. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who struggles. Because of this program, my daughter now has the tools and the ability to do things she never could before."
- Ashley R.

"Our son was far behind in his reading abilities and he would break down or fully avoid doing anything he felt was "hard". If he couldn't do it right the first time, he just wouldn't try. Now, he has the confidence to take on hard problems and work through them. He has learned skills to help his anxiety and strengthened cognitive skills so problems don't seem so "hard".

His focus has also really improved. He would get distracted after just a few minutes of work. Now he can focus and work much longer.

Tami is so attuned to his needs and has made recommendations for other issues his normal teacher never noticed, like a vision problem. She cares so much for my son and all of her students. She has made a significant impact on my son's life for the better!"

- Marsha S.

"I would read instructions 5 to 6 times, and I still couldn’t understand. Now I read instructions once, and I get it."
- Aidan, 11

"The first thing to note is how much Aidan enjoyed working with Tami. Her kindness and encouragement, even on the tough days, never faltered. Her overall demeanor and compassion is what all parents want their kids exposed to in any environment. As far as gains made as result of this program, they are as follows:

*better reading stamina
*better overall comprehension
*less anxiety before and when taking tests
*more confidence
*improved short term memory
*improved long term memory

Overall, and in conclusion, Aidan feels a great sense of pride and accomplishment after completing this program. We would encourage others with similar challenges to do the program as well."
- Jenn H.

"Mahi was really struggling with focus when studying and reading. She would skip words while reading, forget what she was studying, and it was really hard and frustrating for her.

After brain training at Natural Learning Solutions, we saw amazing improvements in Mahi's focus, reading and memory. She has improved so much, my wife and I decided to continue with another program in the spring.

Thank you so much, Ms. Teri for doing a wonderful job with our daughter. We really appreciate it!"

Thank you so much for opening this facility in our area!! It has been a long prayer answered. My daughter has struggled with her ADHD for years. It has been a battle for a VERY long time for her homework. I was a parent who dreaded back to school, because I knew the arguing would return. My daughter is a very smart girl. All the state required tests scores were great!! No RED FLAGS. So why the arguing and tears? After her evaluation with Tami, things were clear. Now she is getting the help she needs. The "Brain Training" will not only help her academically, but for life!!
-Ashley R.

"My teenage son was struggling with his memory and focus after a severe concussion. Tami was so helpful and made a huge difference in our lives. She made the sessions fun and restored confidence in our son. His memory and focus have improved greatly. School is not a struggle any longer. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and compassion with our family."

- Tiffany B.

Tami was my brain training coach when I was struggling as a freshman, and after six months I was on the honor roll. Brain training helped improve my memory tremendously and sharpened my thinking skills. I would definitely not be where I am today without her help! Tami’s great!
-Cessna S.

Tami is very positive and encouraging. It has helped my two boys with memory and attention. They are both doing well in school A’s and B’s.
-Leilani H.